Tak Miyata
General Partner

Tak has invested in over 50 startups related to commerce, health care, SaaS, video, and IoT in the U.S.. To promote awareness about technology and startup culture in Asia, Tak collaborates with media companies and events, such as, TechCrunch Japan, and B Dash Camp. Tak has international experience in the IT industry both as an entrepreneur and as a senior executive. He was the CEO of mixi America. Tak holds a Master’s degree in Nano Science from Waseda University.

Makoto Haruta

After 8 years at Sumitomo Bank, Makoto moved to DeNA in 2000, quickly rising to Chief Financial Officer. In 2011, he became Chairman of the Board. He led DeNA’s public offering, oversaw M&As such as the acquisition of the professional baseball team Yokohama DeNA Baystar, and created multiple joint ventures with other major corporations. In 2015, he founded beta Catalyst that focused on startups in the medical treatment, lifestyle, AI, IoT sectors. He graduated from Kyoto University, Law Department.

Hitoshi Hokamura

After working at Bain and Company, Hitoshi moved to Apple in 1992 as Director of Marketing and Communications in Japan. In 2000, he founded and received investments for Generic Media in Silicon Valley which successfully exited. His next venture was First Compass Group that connected Silicon Valley startups with partners in Japan. He became Chairman of Evernote Japan in 2010, arranging large investments and partnerships with Docomo and Nikkei. He was the first leader of SVJEN, a network for Silicon Valley Japanese entrepreneurs. He served as an advisor for business programs sponsored by the Japanese government. Hitoshi graduated from Tokyo University and received his MBA from IMD in Switzerland.

Austin Arensberg
Yohei Nakajima
Venture Partner
Hiroki Tanaka
Venture Partner
Akane Miura
VP of Marketing and Operations
Ryan Mendoza
Mie Yaginuma
Director of Marketing
Michael Proman
Managing Director
Tomoko Yoshioka
Marketing Manager
Saki Oshima
Business Development Associate
Kensuke Kuroda
Ryo Hayamashima
Akash Bhat
Program Manager
Chun Kiat Heng

Our Community

P.J. Gunsagar
Co-Founder & CEO at Kidaptive
Adam Benayoun
Co-Founder & CEO at Binpress
Jonathan Palley
Co-Founder & CEO at Spire
Rakesh Tondon
Co-Founder & CEO at LE TOTE
Anand Kulkarni
Co-founder & CEO at LeadGenius
Leore Avidar
Co-Founder & CEO at Lob
Alexandre Winter
Co-Founder & CEO at Placemeter
Randall Bennett
Founder & CEO at Vidpresso
Saeju Jeong
Co-Founder & CEO at Noom
Alex Chang
Co-Founder & CEO at Boostable
David Ellner
Founder & CEO at Panna
Cavan Canavan
Co-Founder & CEO at FocusMotion
Matthew Udomphol
Co-Founder & CEO at LivBlends
Artem Tkachenko
Founder at Pantry
Long N. Phan
CEO at Top Flight Technologies
Ari Evans
Founder & CEO at Maestro
Omer Perchik
Founder & CEO at
Meg Nakamura
Co-Founder at Shift Payments
Dave Spector
Co-Founder at ThirdLove
Heidi Zak
Co-Founder at ThirdLove
Michael Babineau
Co-Founder & CEO at Second Measure
Al Vahabzadeh
Founder & CEO at Chariot
Mariya Nurislamova
CEO / Co-Founder at Scentbird
Tony Mugavero
CEO at Littlstar
Ben Nunez
President at Littlstar
Marco Mascorro
Co-Founder & CEO at Fellow Robots
Zaydoon H. Munir
Founder & CEO at RevolutionCredit
Erik Hersman
Chase Thomason
Founder & CEO at Skip
Michia Rohrssen
Co-Founder & CEO at Prodigy
Edwin Olson
Founder & CEO at May Mobility
Ko Ishiyama
CEO at ExaWizards
Takanobu Kawano
CEO at Vacan
Jigar Shah
Founder & CEO at Miles
Derek Weng
Founder & CEO at LemonBox
Umed Latifov
Co-Founder at RealtyBits
Ola Wiberg
Co-Founder & CTO at RealtyBits
Sce Pike
Founder & CEO at IOTAS
Kevin Kaichuan He
Founder & CEO at DeepMotion

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