Speaking and Publications

- March 17th, 2017: Join B Dash Camp Fukuoka 2017 as a judge

- February 20th, 2017: WEDGE article about Amazon Alexa

- February 6th, 2017: AERA article about Amazon

- Jan 25th, 2017: Lecture at Hitotsubashi University about “FinTech”

- Jan 3rd, 2017: The Asahi Newspaper on the automobile industry

- Dec 31st, 2016: Newspicks article about 2017

- Dec 26th, 2016: TOYOKEIZAI Online article about what will happen in 2017

- Dec 24th, 2016: Forbes Japan article in February 

- Dec 22nd, 2016: Interview by eiicon lab

- Dec 1st, 2016: Became monthly Pro Picker for Newspicks

- Nov 18th, 2016: Join TechCrunch Tokyo as a moderator, a judge, a advisory

- Nov 16th, 2016: Scrum Ventures CEO Summit

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- Oct 20th,  2016: WEDGE article on the automobile industry

- Oct 13th, 2016:   Hitotsubashi business review / study session (Article1 & 2)

- Oct 17 & 18th, 2016: B Dash Camp  judge of final round.

- Sep 17th, 2016: Diamond weekly magazine article on IoT

- Sep 9th, 2016: Hitotsubashi business review

- Sep 6th&7th, 2016: Industry Co-Creation conference KYOTO 2016

- Aug 31st, 2016: ABeam Consulting seminar

- Aug 27th, 2016: Diamond weekly magazine article on AI

- July 27th, 2016: Chubu business conference

- July 4th, 2016: Innovation leader summit kickoff conference

  - June 25th, 2016: TOYOKEIZAI Online article on the automobile industry

- June 19th, 2016: J Weekly interview

- June 2nd&3rd, 2016: WIT JAPAN & NORTH ASIA 2016 Start-Up Pitch Judging

- May 29th, 2016: WEDGE article on the automobile industry

- May 6th, 2016: G1 Ventures

- Apr 23rd, 2016: Business model Association “Business model: Present and future”


- Mar, 2016:  “FinTech use cases and the need for Japanese companies”  held by TIS and Oracle Corporation Japan.

- Mar 3rd & 4th, 2016: B Dash Camp 2016

- Feb, 2016: Nagakoshi Blog investor interview

- Jan 20th, 2016: Nikkei BigData article on IoT “Lifestyles:  The second phase of IoT

- Jan 20th, 2016: WEDGE article on IOT “Hardware business models and how they are changed by the IoT industry”

- Jan 4th, 2016: Bloomberg article on Japan technology「Planes, Trains and Automobiles Showcase Japan’s Innovation Push

- Dec 4th, 2015: WASEDA-EDGE education program“People who study science launch new businesses in Silicon Valley”


- Dec 3rd, 2015: Pivotal Japan Summit 2015 “The edge of IoT – What’s happening now in Silicon Valley”

- Nov 1st 2015: Nikkei Online article on  “Digital Garage expand to support Japanese companies for Silicon Valley operations

- Oct 20th 2015: WEDGE article on Bus  “A bus revolution in Silicon Valley ” to WEDGE.

- Oct 14th 2015: The Asahi Shimbun article on Amazon


- Oct 12nd 2015: First Penguin article “How the Japanese startup community can grow

- Oct 7th 2015: First Penguin article “Researcher launches a new business to catalyze startup industry

- Oct 31st 2015: Moment 2015 US-Japan VC Conference,

- Sep 30th 2015: TechCrunch Japan How Scrum Ventures supports VC in America

- Sep 2015: B Dash Camp moderator of IoT/HW focus panel.

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