Comments from founders and partners

 “We’ve worked with Scrum Ventures for over 3 years. Tak is extremely smart, and has the ability to think creatively to solve problems. He thinks like an entrepreneur and has been extremely helpful to us in several areas, ranging from fundraising to partnership discussions. Tak has an excellent network that has helped us secure a strategic partnership with one of the largest retailers in Asia. Had we not been working with Tak, we may never have been able to secure that relationship.”

Rakesh Tondon from LE TOTE


“The team behind Scrum Ventures are tremendously helpful mentors and networkers for my business. Since our Series A funding, Scrum has helped my company get in contact with top entrepreneurs, nurtured relationships with strong media outlets, and assisted in granting us access to the best conferences. As a managing partner, Tak’s exceptional entrepreneurial experience sets Scrum Ventures apart. Tak fully understands the startup mindset and has creative solutions to small business problems. Scrum Ventures has helped our company institute better business habits with corporate clients and constantly provides feedback regarding our operations, marketing, and sales teams. Startup life can be difficult, but it is also very rewarding. During my journey I have had the pleasure of meeting many great people like Tak and his team, true venture supporters. At Noom, we consider ourselves lucky to be a part of Scrum Ventures portfolio.”

Saeju Jeong from Noom


“Scrum Ventures is the most effective, supportive, and the smartest VC I have worked with in my career. Tak and the team have very efficiently helped us open the Japanese market by bringing us in front of high profile, curated executives in large or small Japanese companies, and putting us under the spotlight on the Tokyo startup scene. We closed our first deals in Japan directly thanks to their efforts. They have also been a completely trustworthy and supportive investor from the beginning.”

Alexandre Winter from Placemeter


“At the beginning, we didn’t have much of exposure to the Silicon Valley culture. Scrum Ventures has introduced us to their portfolio startups and not only helped us communicate with them, but also supported us to internally pitch the idea of working with those startups in Japan. Tak understands the Japanese corporate culture very well and he has always been incredibly supportive. Now several projects are going on and we hope all of them will bring us valuable insights into the future of retail industry.”

Shoko Ogawa from J. Front Retailing