Scrum Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm based in Silicon valley. To date, we have invested in over 50 startups related to commerce, health care, Saas, video, and IoT in the U.S.. Scrum Ventures also manages the shared space “Zen Square”, located in the heart of San Francisco. The space serves as a bridge between Silicon Valley and Asia. We help companies accelerate growth with our expertise and network in Asia.


Tak Miyata
General Partner

Tak Miyata is General Partner at Scrum Ventures. He has invested in over 40 startups related to commerce, health care, SaaS, video, and IoT in the U.S.. Tak also manages the shared space “Zen Square” in the heart of San Francisco. To promote awareness of technology and startup culture in Asia, Tak collaborates with media companies and events, such as, TechCrunch Japan, and B Dash Camp. Previously, Tak has had an international experience in the IT industry both as an entrepreneur and as a senior executive. He was the CEO of mixi America. Tak holds a Master’s degree in Nano Science from Waseda University.  Speaking and Publications

Austin Arensberg
Akane Miura
VP of Marketing


Hitoshi Hokamura
Yusuke Asakura
Jung-hee Ryu
Mark Hsu

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Comments from founders and partners

 “We’ve worked with Scrum Ventures for over 3 years. Tak is extremely smart, and has the ability to think creatively to solve problems. He thinks like an entrepreneur and has been extremely helpful to us in several areas, ranging from fundraising to partnership discussions. Tak has an excellent network that has helped us secure a strategic partnership with one of the largest retailers in Asia. Had we not been working with Tak, we may never have been able to secure that relationship.”

Rakesh Tondon from LE TOTE

>> Other comments from founders and partners <<

P.J. Gunsagar
Co-Founder & CEO at Kidaptive
Elliott Poppel
CEO at App.io
Sid Bhatt
Co-Founder & CEO at Aarki
McKay Thomas
Co-Founder & CEO at First Opinion
Adam Benayoun
Co-Founder & CEO at Binpress
Andrew Brandeis
Co-Founder at SharePractice
Jonathan Palley
Co-Founder & CEO at Spire
Rakesh Tondon
Co-Founder & CEO at LE TOTE
Anand Kulkarni
Co-founder & CEO at LeadGenius
Leore Avidar
Co-Founder & CEO at Lob
Alexandre Winter
Co-Founder & CEO at Placemeter
Aihui Ong
Founder & CEO at Love With Food
Randall Bennett
Founder & CEO at Vidpresso
Saeju Jeong
Co-Founder & CEO at Noom
Alex Chang
Co-Founder & CEO at Boostable
David Ellner
Founder & CEO at Panna
Cavan Canavan
Co-Founder & CEO at FocusMotion
Matthew Udomphol
Co-Founder & CEO at LivBlends
Mark Wagner
Co-Founder & CEO at Altitude Co.
Artem Tkachenko
Founder at Pantry
Eric Norman
Co-Founder & CEO of Cinder
Long N. Phan
CEO at Top Flight Technologies
David Hyman
CEO at Chosen
Ari Evans
Founder & CEO at Maestro
Omer Perchik
Founder & CEO at Any.do
Meg Nakamura
Co-Founder at Shift Payments
Dave Spector
Co-Founder at ThirdLove
Heidi Zak
Co-Founder at ThirdLove
Michael Babineau
Co-founder & CEO at Second Measure
Al Vahabzadeh
Founder & CEO at Chariot
Temitope Ola
Founder & CEO at Koemei
Mariya Nurislamova
CEO / Co-founder at Scentbird
Ralph Ewig
CEO at Audacy
Andre Lorenceau
Founder & CEO at LiveLike
Nick Devane
Co-founder at Homemade
Tony Mugavero
CEO at Littlstar
Ben Nunez
President at Littlstar
Marco Mascorro
Co-founder & CEO at Fellow Robots